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Versie 1.0.5 5 jaar geleden

Beschrijving van Taru Adventure-FreeRPG]

Already proven to the highest quality

EASY action RPG game! Adventures taruui.

Simple and compelling gameplay in it

Feast of fun hiding the various systems.

To those who acclaimed female character masks (?)

System to start, but eventually received a gift

Completely change the character set of equipment when wearing

Will see.

Adventures boasts some of taruui hajamyeon!

★ ★ games optimized for smartphones

Just bring previously attached mobile phone design

Comparison is not possible, unlike the perfect RPG game

Full HD fills the screen of your phone system!

Wonderful character map. And the iPhone-style

Drag and drop UI!!

★ colorful action! Thrilling pleasure!! ★

Critical popping thrills! Hulgo the entire screen

Brilliant passing skills.

Ido Ido cool to see that gorgeous effects

Invigorating will be made.

★ big bold characters and monsters! ★

During the busy little character that you can see a little monster

Wait no eye pain again?

Great characters and monsters eyestrain

Will shoot away!

★ Smart skill with a gesture! ★

Please draw out the shape, depending.

Seodureusil not required. Please draw slowly.

Using a powerful skill. It's easy?

It's my favorite out of ★ ~ ★

Who in the forest, such as a strange one?!

Clear score map update right away!

The above ranking naechaji brilliant control!

★ cool declared as a free download! ★

Me not to wind up the coupons or something

Decision was made for the entire company.

Please relax and get down!

Let cool declared as a free download! Review taruui .. Thank you.

- This product items within the product and includes features such as additional payment and billing fee that feature selection may occur (not to withdraw an offer after purchase)

- Moby Riggs recommended

- T Store (tiseu store) Recommended Games

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APK-versie 1.0.5
Compatibiliteit Android 2.1+ (Eclair)
Ontwikkelaar mobirix

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